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Message From Chairman & MD

Greetings and best wishes to all of you.I extend a very warm welcome to all the students aspiring to join our prestigious Institution for their graduadate studies.
We beleive that becoming bookworm is not education ,its more important to put into practices at least fractions of what you have learnt.
It is my great pleasure to announce that a new medical college, “Devdaha  Medical College and Research Institute” popularly known as DMCRI was established on 20th June 2006 as a result of incessant and untiring efforts of highly experienced and motivated group of health professionals, who gave their body and soul to see that it came into being. It is affiliated with the Kathamandu University , the pioneer Institute in the field of production of human resources in health. It is also recognized by Nepal Medical Council'

The motto of DMCRI is to fulfill the needs of the people seeking quality education and services in health at affordable price. Hence, DMCRI is established with the main three objectives:
  1. To produce efficient and competent health professionals who are capable of providing quality health care to people.
  2. To provide both preventive and curative health care to people to their highest satisfaction.
  3. To add to the body of scientific knowledge in health field by promoting research.
This academic and medical center is situated in the middle part of the country. It has well equipped lecture halls; seminar rooms; and departmental museums, libraries with internet, and laboratories which meet the norms set by the related health professional’s councils and University.The faculty here includes highly experienced, conscientious and motivated from both within and outside the country, who are dedicated to their professions.
The teaching hospital of the DMCRI (Devdaha Medical CollegeTeaching Hospital), operating now with 300 beds and providing all modern medical services with most advanced diagnostic facilities to patient’s satisfaction, is the reflection of our firm commitment to provide quality health services to people at affordable price and save them from the trouble of seeking the similar medical help from the Capital and/or from the SAARC countries.

Besides these academic activities ,our Outreach Programmes  hold medical camps in the rural areas serving the poor and weeker sections of the society.

Through this short message I would like to thank all the investors with their strong dedication, well wishers from different associated organizations. 
We are sure ,you will enjoy and cherish your stay here.
Chairman and Managing Director